Boutique Courir received the 2012 IRRC “Store of the Year Award”.


Montreal, Quebec (December 20, 2012). – At the Running Event# held in Austin, Texas in early December, Boutique Courir was awarded the Independent Running Retailers of Canada “Store of the Year Award”.

A consolidation of about forty independent running retailers in Canada, the IRRC recognizes each year, within its members, the store which stands out the most in historical background, customer service, staff expertise, community-based commitment, notoriety and sales volume per square foot. This award demonstrates specialized stores can do well in a field where the competition of big boxes is fierce.

With a marketing plan promoting quality and excellence, Boutique Courir has built a reputation that has crossed Quebec’s borders. Based in Longueuil for the last 31 years and Montreal for 24 years, Boutique Courir is well known in the business for its leadership and avant-gardism. The management and staff of the 2 outlets took great pride in receiving this honour.





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