Brooks/Moving Comfort – January Supplier of the Month

At Brooks Sports our New Year’s Resolution is the same as last year, and the year before that, and the year before that – it is to inspire people to run and be active. Running is our passion. We’re very excited to partner with the Independent Running Retailers of Canada in January 2014 to help create excitement for the best, and most addictive, activity the world has ever known right at the start of the year.

What can you expect from Brooks in 2014? Expect the unexpected. IRRC Members will be doing business with our new Canadian subsidiary in January. We’re launching Transcend footwear in February with an out of this world campaign that exemplifies the float experience that our new technologies offer to runners. From evolving the running design aesthetic with PureProject apparel, to introducing exciting research that we believe will change the way we design, build, and market running footwear for years to come, Brooks Running is picking up the pace. By keeping our Run Happy philosophy at the heart of it all, we’re having a lot of fun while helping Canadians run longer, farther and faster.

Our sister brand Moving Comfort will lend support also. We know that a sports bra is more than another item of clothing. It’s an essential that gives women the freedom to move in any way she sees fit. We hear from women all around the world that finding the right sports bra has changed their lives. Building the right sports bra is our passion, and we love partnering with specialty run retailers in Canada to help connect women with the sports bra for their needs. In 2014 you will see a number of new sports bra styles from Moving Comfort that are available to retailers and their consumers – the Hot Shot, Switch It Up, and Just Right Racer.

While we have an incredible line up of product on both Brooks and Moving Comfort brands, at Brooks Sports we’re not just a shoe company or an apparel company or a sports bra company; we are a running company. Run Happy is a celebration of the spiritual essence that make running amazing – an activity fueled by motivations that are as varied as its participants. Whether young or old, fast or slow, male or female, master or newbie, runners share a passion we live 24×7 at work and at play.

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