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Mizuno – January & February Vendor of the Month

A Message from Mizuno
“Mizuno is very excited to kick off 2016 with our new Spring products and to be chosen as the IRRC Vendor of the Month for January and February.    We hope the digital and in-store assets we are providing will help bring Mizuno to the attention of runners visiting your stores early in the New Year.  We feel there is the perfect Mizuno shoe for your consumer within our core 4 – Wave Rider 19, Wave Sayonara 3, Wave Inspire 12 and the brand new Wave Catalyst.  These shoes are featured on the POP items we are sending you.  In addition to the in-store and digital assets we are excited to offer your staff an incentive contest from January 15 – February 15 during which time they will be able to accumulate $160 Mizuno E-commerce reward codes for every 6 pair of Mizuno shoes they sell.  Our Territory Managers will be connecting with you either in person to help set up the POP items or by phone to answer any questions you may have.  This is a great opportunity to also set up a Wear Test time with the TM as they have the Wave Sayonara 3’s available for runners to try on.  Thank you for your on-going support and we look forward to some great results from this partnership.” 

Practice…we are talking about Movement Practice!

Below is a great article from Fortius Sport & Health Coach Brad! Check it out for more on why “WE ALL NEED TO INCORPORATE A MOVEMENT PRACTICE INTO OUR ROUTINE”


Now I hope I do not offend anyone here but I am going to throw out what some people consider a profanity while others see it as exhilaration.  Can you guess what the word is?
I am going to use running as an example today but you can replace running with what ever sport you love to do.
For many there is a love hate relationship with running. That is we love it when we can do it, we love it when we are done and most of us love it when we cross the finish line.  But what about when we do it so much and are not getting what we consider to be fitter or faster?  What about when our mechanics are falling apart as we fatigue and we get injured?  What about when we neglect to do the little things that will help with our love of the sport…and then start to make excuses about why we can’t do XY or Z?  It shouldn’t be a 1 or 0.  There needs to be an appreciation for the process, the practice needed to get to the top of the mountain.
I was out for a run on Sunday afternoon listening to a great podcast with Dr. Kelly Starrett talking about mobility.  Kelly is a movement specialist and author of several books including Becoming a Supple Leopard and Ready to Run.  In this podcast Kelly was talking about the importance of a regular movement practice and not just exercise.
Movement practice could include (but not limited to) myofascial release (foam rolling, lacrosse ball rolling), yoga, or breath work.
These past two weeks post Ironman I have not been very diligent on my movement practice.  I have not been doing my daily resets and my rolling.  But, I still though I could get out and ride my bike and run.  Yes I still have the physical ability to move myself from A to B…it just wasn’t a very efficient pattern.  I was feeling some tightness in my left glute and hip that was impacting my knee.  I was also feeling some tightness in my left shoulder and neck that was impacting my right hamstring.
There was definetely an ‘Aha’ moment.  To be able to compete at the level that I want, or better yet take it more globally – to compete at any level and not feel completely broken at the finish WE ALL NEED TO INCORPORATE A MOVEMENT PRACTICE INTO OUR ROUTINE.
The best way to know what you need to do or where to start is by going through a full movement screen and assessment.  But, we are all smart and starting to hone in on that intuitive sense of our body will help you improve your performance.
Some of our most utilized fascial release drills are:
Quadriceps Foam Roll
* Place the foam roller on the floor and lie on your stomach with the front of your thighs over the foam roller.
* Roll the entire front of the thighs from the top of the hips to the top of the knee caps in an up and down motion.
* You should pull yourself with your elbows and forearms.
* Pause at any spots that feel especially tender.
* Keep your quadriceps relaxed.
* Maintain abs tight and proper low back posture during the exercise.
Glut Foam Roll
* Place your foam roller on the floor and sit on it having one foot over the opposite knee in a figure 4 position.
* During the stretch, roll along your buttock in a front to back motion from your lower back to the bottom of the buttock.
* Maintain your abs tight and proper lower back posture during the exercise.
Thoracic Spine Foam Roll
* Start your back on a foam roller placed across your back on one side.
* Cross your arms across your chest to tighten your upper back.
* Roll across the roller back and forth using your legs.
* If you find a tender area, you can focus on this area or even pause there for up to 30 seconds.
For each drill above, spend approximately 60 seconds doing each.  Do not force ranges of motion.  If you feel some tightness or a tender spot spend a little bit of extra time ‘rolling out’ this area.  REMEMBER TO BREATHE!
The run I was on was going to be a couple of medium length loops and I had planned on being out for about 60 minutes.  I decided that although I probably could tough it out and finish the second loop it wasn’t in the best interest.  My desire to compete to the best of my ability was more important that sweating and burning calories on one Sunday run.  By shutting down my run early and starting up my movement practice I was able to release my glutes, back and neck.  I slept better last night and I am more prepared for the strength training session that I have on Monday’s schedule.
Article from Fortius.

Saucony – September & October Supplier of the Month

EVERY RUNNER IS SEEKING SOMETHING.  Whether it’s to finish their first 10k, run a faster time or just earn a guilt free beer.

The Ride 8 and Omni 14 will help you find what you’re seeking.

The all new Ride 8 is ready and raring to go with an all-new FlexFilm upper that enhances fit without adding weight

The Omni 14 delivers a unique benefits package: excellent cushioning, robust support and still enough flexibility to make this an extremely runnable stability shoe.

Brooks – May Supplier of the Month

Go beyond your ordinary running experience the new Transcend 2 running shoe. It has everything you need and probably a few things you didn’t even know you needed until right now. It starts with Ideal Pressure Zones that disperse impact and continues with Guide Rails that provide on-demand support. Then there is the plush comfort of adaptive Super DNA cushioning, the innovative rounded heel that assists your body’s natural running motion, and the segmented crash pad that allows for flawless heel-to-toe transition. The smartly-designed, high-performance upper enhances the cool comfort and oh, why are you still reading this and not out running in the new Transcend 2?”

Adidas – April Supplier of the Month

SuperNova Glide Boost: This Runner’s World “Editor’s Choice Award” winner has an engineered mesh upper for a sock like fit and a natural stride with unrivalled energy return, soft comfort and incredible response of BOOST™ cushioning.

New Balance – March Supplier of the Month

Runners can relish in coveted 880v4. With two layers of foam and a midsole wrap cradling the foot, runners will feel even more cushioning and toe spring. A flexible upper with enhanced fit features wraps the arch while allowing foot splay mile after mile.


Saucony – January Supplier of the Month

Saucony – November Supplier of the Month

New Balance – October Supplier of the Month

The new Fresh Foam 980 has glow-in-the-dark accents to help keep you seen and safe. Feel the science of soft with Fresh Foam, an innovative midsole created from a single piece of foam that provides a lower, more natural underfoot feel. Developed using specialized design software, this lightweight running shoe also features breathable air mesh and simple no-sew overlays that wrap the foot in the right places. A full-ground-contact, blown rubber outsole complements the shoe’s cushioning and delivers a smooth ride. The New Balance Fresh Foam 980: incredibly soft yet stable.

La Fresh Foam 980 comporte des finitions phosphorescentes pour que vous soyez visible et en securité. Découvrez la science de la douceur avec Fresh Foam, une semelle intercalaire novatrice, créée dans un seul morceau de mousse pour donner une sensation plus basse et plus naturelle à la plante du pied. Mise au point à l’aide d’un logiciel de conception spécialisé, cette chaussure de course légère se caractérise également par sa maille respirante et des revêtements simples sans couture qui enveloppent le pied juste là où il faut. Le contact au sol complet et une semelle en caoutchouc soufflé complètent l’amorti de la chaussure pour une course tout en douceur. La New Balance Fresh Foam 980 : incroyablement douce et pourtant stable.

Adidas – September Supplier of the Month

Energy is made endless with the all new energy boost 2. The more energy you give, the more you get. Race through the city streets you call home with the ultra-responsive energy return of BOOST™