Global Running Community Deeply Saddened but spirit strengthened

The global running community was struck a major blow on April 15th , by the tragic and shocking events that occurred in Boston. It is our belief that the tenacity of runners, that strong mind, body and spirit that marathoners are known for is what will now serve the running community best, and this is the very spirit for which Bostonians have become known.

Shad Ali, IRRC Executive Director had this to say today:  “The Independent Running Retailers of Canada sends our deepest regards to the Boston Athletic Association and the Boston Marathon Organizing Committee – let it not be mistaken that it is any deficiency on their part that led to the events and its impacts of the past two days. This is an amazing organization with a stellar record of accomplishment and leadership.”

Ali Continued to say: “Our thoughts and prayers go to the families who have lost loved ones and to those who have been injured we wish a speedy recovery and safe return home to their families wherever they may live. While this event is held in Boston and carries a Bostonian birthmark, this event is now a global event with participants, volunteers and spectators from around the world, this is now a World event hosted by Bostonians and we thank them for that long service.”

The relationship between independent running retailers and runners is a very unique one indeed. Whether it is someone starting out on their first run or a seasoned and competitive runner, independent running retailers are deeply involved in the lives of these runners and walkers. They become trusted advisers and confidants, coaches and mentors and in most cases extended family. As a result the effects of this tragic incident are felt deeply by the owners and their staff across the nation.

“As tragic as the events of yesterday are, we know that in the long run it is the Bostonian Spirit that will be remembered most and longest”, said Shad Ali, “It is that spirit of tenacity – strong mind, strong body – the will, determination and discipline – that goes along with preparing for and completing something like the Boston Marathon, that is what will be remembered most and longest” continued Ali.


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